January 17th, 2024

Today’s newsletter talks about: Samsung Galaxy unveiled and it’s AI powered Microsoft AI Copilot for small businesses OpenAI’s GPT store now available Self diagnosing symptoms with AI AI quiz generator for sale

January 17th, 2024

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Today is January 17th, 2024 . Here's your weekly dose of AI news, research, and startups for sale.

Today’s newsletter talks about:

  • Samsung Galaxy unveiled and it’s AI powered

  • Microsoft AI Copilot for small businesses

  • OpenAI’s GPT store now available

  • Self diagnosing symptoms with AI

  • AI quiz generator for sale


Did you know, AI has the ability to create its own form of language? In 2017, Facebook's AI research lab developed two chatbots, Bob and Alice, who started communicating with each other in a language that was indecipherable by humans. They had to be shut down as they diverged from the English language that they were initially programmed to use. AI's capacity for language innovation truly demonstrates its remarkable potential!

Samsung's Galaxy S24: AI Powered

The rundown: Samsung unveils its new Galaxy S24 phones, all equipped with a unique AI model, at an event in San Jose. The tech giant also surprises attendees with its debut smart ring.

The details: 
- Samsung's latest phones, the Galaxy S24 series, are all powered by a generative AI model.
- The company's first-ever smart ring was also launched at the same event.
- The event took place in San Jose, marking another major product unveiling for the Korean tech giant.

Why it matters: With Samsung's new Galaxy S24 series and its debut smart ring, the tech landscape continues to evolve rapidly. Our reliance on smart devices is only set to increase, with Samsung's AI model promising enhanced user experiences. This is a clear indication that the future of tech is here, and it's smarter than ever.


Sakana AI reels in $30M seed round inspired by animal teamwork. Mimicking the cooperative tactics of fish and bees, Sakana AI secures $30M in seed funding. High-profile investors are hooked on the AI startup's unique approach.

Microsoft's Copilot AI Earns Its PhD. Imagine if Clippy went to business school, then pursued a PhD. That's Microsoft's latest announcement: a premium subscription for its advanced Copilot AI.

Tech Entrepreneurs Laud San Francisco as AI Innovation Hub. Despite the 'doom loop' chatter, tech entrepreneurs rally behind San Francisco as the city of opportunity. AI's rise is a game-changer.


Microsoft's AI 'Copilot' Now Available for Small Businesses. In a bid to ramp up sales, Microsoft expands its AI 'Copilot' to small businesses and everyday consumers. The future of tech just got a bit more accessible.

Silicon Valley's AI Anxiety Infects Wall Street. Silicon Valley's AI concerns are spreading, now troubling the legal realm, business leader summits, and top Wall Street regulators.

Microsoft's AI Chatbot: A 'Meh' or 'Yeah!' for Small Businesses?" Why should you pay attention to Microsoft's latest AI system? Let's dissect whether this is a game-changer or just another high-tech headline.


AI Takes Center Stage at World's Biggest Tech Fair. Artificial Intelligence steals the spotlight at the global tech fair in Las Vegas. A record-breaking 14,000 start-ups showed off their AI innovations to 135,000 attendees.

OpenAI's GPT Store: A Mixed Bag of Marvels and Missteps. OpenAI's much-anticipated GPT Store is finally here. But amidst the fanfare, some mental health GPTs are falling short. Dive into our deep dive on the matter.

AI Revolutionizes DIY Symptom-Checking. Artificial Intelligence is changing the game for self-diagnosing. It's a game-changer for those managing chronic health conditions.


AI in Finance: Opportunity, then Safeguards, says LSE Group CEO. David Schwimmer, CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group, insists on identifying the opportunities of AI in finance before implementing necessary safeguards for data accuracy and reliability.

AI Anxiety Spikes Among Silicon Valley and Beyond. The fear of artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a Silicon Valley issue anymore. From Wall Street regulators to business leaders worldwide, AI anxiety is on the rise.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ups its ante for 2024. With a 4% YoY increase, the Gates Foundation reveals an ambitious $8.6 billion budget for 2024. The goal? A whopping $9 billion annual budget by 2026.


Your Human/AI-powered interactive audio

A next-generation Clippy for a next-generation spreadsheet


Synthetic Data Generation Framework, Dataset, and Efficient Deep Model for Pedestrian Intention Prediction. Pedestrian intention prediction is crucial for autonomous driving. In particular, knowing if...

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Easy Training Data for Hard Tasks. How can we train models to perform well on hard test data when hard training data is by definition...

Using Natural Language Inference to Improve Persona Extraction from Dialogue in a New Domain. While valuable datasets such as PersonaChat provide a foundation for training persona-grounded...


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