Google Adds AI to Messages

Today’s newsletter talks about: Google adding AI to its messages, Stability AI co-founder troubles, and an AI quiz generator for sale.

January 23rd, 2024

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Today’s newsletter talks about:

  • Google adds AI to its messages

  • Stability AI co-founder troubles

  • AI competing with recruiters


Did you know that the first known proposal for an artificial intelligence was made by mathematician Alan Turing in the 1950s? His test, known as the Turing Test, is still used today to determine a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

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The rundown:

Google is elevating its Messages app, the Android alternative to iMessage, with a new AI upgrade. This upgrade aims to interconnect Messages users with Google, beyond just peer-to-peer interaction.

The details:

  • Google has invested two years to make its Messages app the default Android alternative to iMessage.

  • The company has incorporated features such as end-to-end encryption and RCS as default, along with multiple feature releases.

  • The latest AI upgrade aims to connect Messages users with Google, creating a more integrated user experience.

Why it matters:

This development signals Google's continuous efforts to enhance user experience and compete with iMessage. Users can anticipate a more interconnected, secure and feature-rich messaging service. Google's move also underscores the increasing significance of AI in enhancing digital communication platforms.


Toronto-based startup Cohere is reportedly in talks to raise between $500M and $1B, aiming to revolutionize businesses with its AI tech.

Stability AI finds itself in legal crosshairs, again, as its cofounder guns for a 10% company stake.

Two scientists from Alphabet's AI division, Google DeepMind, are reportedly in talks with investors to launch an AI startup in Paris.


AI is taking over daily tasks like document reviews, product testing, and customer communication. But it's not just busy work—AI now offers valuable objective advice.

Small-business owners are leveraging AI's might, unveiling deep insights and fast-tracking loan approvals. It's a tech-powered financial revolution, folks.

AI is the new playground for entrepreneurs, but it's still not primetime ready. See why it's an opportunity worth exploring.


The FTC dives into the AI mental health chatbot wave, taking a hard look at their ambitious claims. Can they deliver, or is it just a tech facade?

Despite urgent environmental concerns, climate change has taken a backseat in global discourse. Instead, conversations are AI and geopolitics-focused, notes ex-Unilever CEO, Paul Polman.

OMERS Ventures' Christina Farr and host Lily Jamali share the biggest tech scoops of the week. Tune in for their insightful discussion.


SEC Chair Gensler is throwing up red flags on the risks of AI monoculture in the financial sector. It's a wake-up call in the world of finance tech.

AI's role in financial services is under the microscope. Safeguards are crucial for ensuring data accuracy and reliability, but only after we've pinpointed the opportunities.

A peek into the future of job recruitment as AI enters the scene. Get the scoop in our Monday morning ST HeadStart.


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